Our Objectives


To serve children of age group 4 to 12 years of the underprivileged children. To provide quality education to the children and help them in their academic education.


To provide life skills like Computer training, Tailoring and Embroidery, Beautician training to girls and women.

Helping Nearby Schools Working For Underprivileged Children

Incase, any school in our surroundings need any help in commodities like chairs, tables, books etc or even any oany other help like guidance in curriculum or academics, we wish to serve them too.

Health And Hygiene

The awareness for hygiene in the menstrual cycles of the women in the slum areas is extremely low. We understand that the access to sanitary pads is a basic necessity that many women and girls cannot afford. This can have a serious health implication and can also impact girl’s education…

Spreading Awareness About Environmental Changes

The need has begun to bring in the awareness amongst all stratas of our society, about the changes taking place in our environment and the carbon effect taking place. This through camps and workshops in our centre, we wish to educate, specially¬† our children,as to whatever they cn do to…

Women Empowerment And Self Defence

The need to teach basic self defence techniques, like karate and other programmes, has greatly increased over the period, specially in the children of the lower section of our society, where abuse and brutality rates are comparatively more amongst  the girls and women.

Health Camps

Our in house Dr Shivani Agarwal, MBBS, Clinical Psychologist, holds regular check ups of the children visiting our centre and provides them with the required help for both their physical and mental, emotional well being. If required, the parents of children are called for discussion, if any child is found…

Camps For Mental And Emotional Well Being

Our inhouse Clinical Psychologist, Dr Shivani Agarwal provides free counselling sessions for the Mental Health Camps.